Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 22

Earth Day and going green are terms thrown around these days. Save the planet. I grew up on these terms. In a sense it's about looking beyond your nose. I've always been big on recycling and reusing in creative ways. I never really bought into the consume, consume engine that runs the economy in the United States. (Ah, Capitalism.--No this is not a post on forms of government or economies. :P) I think Earth Day is good because it makes us all stop for one moment and think about our actions and reactions, what our needs are versus our wants, and whether cool new technology is really any better than old. Take e-readers for example.
Yes, electronic books save trees, but what is the trade off? The energy it takes to run the machines. Um, yeah, coal, wind, solar, nuclear energy. So is it really a save? And batteries-how good are they when they are not recycled and lead and acid get leached into the soil. Seriously do you recycle your batteries? It isn't easy, is it? Trees are renewable and they filter our air. Plus paper books can last while an electronic book can disappear in a second...when the power goes out.
Just saying...and yes, I have e-books available because I believe in to each his own. ;) Still I'm not running out to buy the latest reader. When asked why I'm behind the times, I'll simply give a peace sign and tell them I'm saving the planet. Cheers~

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