Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oct. 13

I have the most spectacular view today. The sky is bright blue at the dome, then tapers down to white and then dark gray as this morning's rain disappears to the east. The sun over head illuminates the yellows and reds of the fall. The dampness darkens the branches so they are black against the light filled leaves in shapes of oak and maple and elm. The lake is dark gray and softly rippling. Leaves float on the surface like boats for crickets and tiny frogs. The grass is buried beneath the color of leaves that met their end in the wind and rain of the passing storm. The air smells fresh of rain and loam warmed by the sun. A few geese nap on the lake. Late robins call and pluck at the seeds and ornamental cherries. Fat brown squirrels leap from branch to branch playing in the sunlight and long shadows. We are all aware of what will come soon enough. So for now, we enjoy the crystal sunlight of today. Cheers~


  1. It sounds fabulous. The autumn view from my window is nowhere near as colourful.

  2. We're heading into the mountains of Virginia this afternoon, so I hope to see signs of fall!

    And you have an award at my blog today, Nancy!

  3. What a beautiful view. I have to wonder of all those miners are seeing everything in this kind of vivid imagery this morning.

  4. Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by.

    Rosalind, perhaps Fall hasn't gotten to you yet.
    L. Diane, thank you! I'll pop on over right now.
    Linda, isn't it amazing that they could rescue them all?