Monday, October 4, 2010

Oct. 4

Welcome to Monday and a whole new month. I am hoping to put out the Halloween decorations in the next week or so. There are some fun displays in the neighborhood. I have walkway lights with orange pumpkin heads to help the kiddos see their way to the door and I have two lighted outlines of ghosts for the windows. That is the extent of my display. :)
I usually buy pumpkins for the stoop and then in Nov-cook them down and make pie. But this year I am having a battle with a chipmunk who decided under my front stairs was a good place to live and that my potted mums on the front were great for digging. Since the critter would eat the pumpkins, I thought it best not to put any out and entice him further.
What is your Halloween ritual?

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  1. We often forget to put stuff out - October's my busiest month of the year - but we always help with our church's fall fest.