Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oct. 6

Since it is officially Fall, I updated my website and changed the design of the blog to match. I hope you like it. I'm fleshing out two new story ideas. I will begin to write one in earnest once the agent gives the okay. My other goal for this week is to get through the two books left to read and report on for the semester. Due on the 27th. So making time for that is really important as well. Next semester is all about editing the thesis. On my desk right now are the following books: Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, The Chicago Manual of Style, The AP Stylebook and The MLA Handbook. If nothing else, I'm prepared.
Writers, do you have a favorite editing book? Cheers~


  1. Happy Autumn! I must admit I am very grossed out by your beetle invasion (re Facebook)!

    I love Strunk and White. That's definitely one of my faves.

  2. Chicago Mannual of Style is my favorite!

  3. How funny, my friends. My Chicago Manual of Style also includes Strunk and White. I have them both in one book. :D