Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oct. 20

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new lap top. Yes, I did cave and buy new. This one is impossibly slow and when I discovered there is more memory in the little memory sticks than in my current lap top, I knew it was time. The trouble with buying new is that I will have to learn windows 7, plus download drivers to install my current printer, plus download my browsers since I hate IE. Reload all my files for my books and pictures. In the end it will be worth it not to have to wait 45 minutes for my computer to decide it will let me get on line. And when I type in Word to actually see the words as I type and not wait for the pause and hiccup that sometimes scrambles sentences. Change is good. Right? (Wish me luck.) Cheers~


  1. Sigh...a new laptop sounds like heaven. Ours just crashed, so my hubby threw it across the living room and said, "Here, Lydia, play with that." And she did, but she kept getting mad when she closed the screen and couldn't get it to open again. So we'd have to go over and open the lid, to which she'd close again within five seconds.

    Good luck. Tell us how Windows 7 is!!

  2. Good luck! This is why I'm thankful my husband does all that stuff for me, because I wouldn't have a clue.

  3. I found you on Twitter and look forward to reading more. Good luck on that new laptop. I can never decide whether mine is the best thing that ever happened to me or Satan's spawn. Appropriately, it is red. ;)

  4. Thanks everyone, so far it's really good. Maybe this one will last longer than 4 years. Although I think they build these things to be obsolete the day you buy them. Sort of like cars.

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