Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oct. 27

If you were part of the giant storm that literally tore through the Midwest yesterday, I hope you are safe and your power restored. All is safe here, except for my porch mums, which got tossed about and rolled around. Poor flowers have had a tough year.
Still windy today although we have sunshine. The huge flocks of song birds seem to have moved on south, but there is a handful of geese on the lake this morning. Nearly all the leaves are gone. Only one or two tough ones are still clinging so this year's Fall colors lasted a glorious two weeks before mother nature decided she'd had enough.
How's the weather where you are? How's the writing going? Inquiring minds want to know. Cheers~


  1. We had wind about 1 in the morning; it briefly knocked out the power then. But that was it. I didn't realize things turned so bad until I saw the news last evening.

    Glad you're okay. Sorry about the Mums.

  2. Weather finally broke after ten days of rain (which I like). Its a bit chilly with partly sunny skies. And writing is a bit slow as I'm finishing posts for a virtual blog tour in November. But doing NaNo so hopefully I'll be able to catch up. Thanks for asking.

  3. The weather in the UK always sounds so much calmer than yours. Leaves turn, float to the ground, rain falls in a mist. It's cold and damp. Not sure whether dramatic or dull weather is best.

  4. Hi Linda, Kansas can really have dramatic wind. Glad you are ok.

    Hi Stephen, a blog tour and NaNo- Wow! I applaud you. Crazy busy.

    Hi Rosalind, the weather here in the States is drama. They say if you don't like it just wait. It will change fast. I think sometimes dull would be a nice switch. :D Cheers

    Thanks for stopping by~