Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oct. 7

There is a group of bloggers who are pledging to write a blog a day for the entire month of October. They hope to hone their blogging skills and prepare them for next month's nanowrimo - another contest in which participating writers work to write as many words as possible on their current work-in-progress in the month of November.
I applaud them all. Since the advent of blogging and social networking, writers from all across the world have come together in groups such as these to encourage each other in the pursuit of their dreams. Back in the "dark ages" when I started writing, it was simply me and my typewriter which became a word processor (So cool) and finally a personal computer. Now there is so much information and encouragement out there that writers can learn faster and get farther sooner. I think this is a very good thing.
That said, it is not any easier to write. But the good news is the realization that you are not alone. Cheers~


  1. I applaud them as well - wish I had the time to do either.

  2. Oh, man. I forgot NaNoWriMo is next months already. How time flies. One of these years I'm actually going to participate in that.