Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jan. 18

How are your 2011 goals coming along? I broke mine down into monthly goals and at the beginning of each month will break those down into weekly goals. It keeps me on track.
I'm set through June and my graduation. I think my July goal will be to take a vacation. :D

The world outside my window is a silent frozen tundra. I was surprised to see a little bird when I shoveled off the back deck yesterday. I pushed snow down on its hiding place and the bird came out yelling at me. It kept yelling for a full three minutes before it fluffed it's feathers and flew off. The only birds I've seen lately have been crows and then very rarely. So I felt sorry for the little bird. The good news is that light is returning. We now have 26 minutes more daylight then we did last month. That thought makes me smile. Cheers~


  1. My goal is to finish the rough draft on my YA story by the end of the month. Between 1 and 10 thousands words to go. I think I might make it!!

    Poor birdy. I'd probably yell too. I'm not a big fan of freezing.

  2. Thanks for the comments~
    L. Diane, do you have a vacation scheduled?
    Linda, best of luck with your YA. You'll do great. Cheers~