Friday, January 21, 2011

Jan. 21

I've been reading about negative thinking and how it effects your life. Many writers procrastinate as a way of staving off fear. Fear comes from negative thoughts. Thoughts like, even if I write this book no one will buy it. I can't spell so I can't write. The first chapter isn't perfect so I can't move on. These are all negative thoughts. "What's the use?" thoughts. Here's the use, Fun, Play, Adventure. That's the use. Learning. That's the use.
I once made a flippant comment that I wanted "Well, she tried" put on my tombstone. A friend chided me and said that was negative. I disagree. There is nothing negative about trying. It's in the trying that we live. Success and failure both lead to more trying. Don't they?
The point being that negative thoughts and beliefs are just that-thoughts and beliefs-not facts. It's okay to have them, everyone does, as long as you keep trying. It's when negative thoughts block you that you need to address them. Put them back in their place. So that you can try once again and live. Cheers~


  1. We only fail when we fail to try! Or die. Whichever comes first.

  2. Thanks, Nancy - great reminder! And I so agree with L Diane!