Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jan. 4

Seriously, blah. Do you ever have a day when you are interrupted every time a thought gets into your head? Until you want to pull your hair out--give up--throw something? Yeah, today is that day. I have a book to get to those precious words, the end. I have two blogs to write. I have packing and critiquing and dusting (It's Tuesday.) and the phone keeps ringing and the dog is in and out and...and... GAH!
Time for yoga breathing. In and hold and out...Nothing I do is going to make or break the world. The sun is shining. This, too, will pass. :)
How is your day going? What are you working on? Cheers~


  1. This too shall pass, is something my mom says, too. And it shall. It shall indeed.


  2. I heard you got THE END written anyway. I'm so in awe of you, being able to complete eveything even through all that. Congrats!!

  3. Thanks THW- Namaste~
    Hi Linda, yes, it's done. Wheee- (Until I get back from school and read it through and work with the major revisions. Can't think about that now, though. :D