Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jan. 26

Happy, happy birthday to my little girl. May your life be filled with joy and happy surprises.

It's my birthday, too, and this is our first birthday apart. Instead of pink cake with sprinkles, I'm making gluten free chocolate with coconut frosting. Instead of working, I think I'm going to go read a fun book, bake, do a mani/pedi, watch a movie in the middle of the afternoon, and snuggle with little dog. Decadent, right? Cheers~


  1. A very Happy Happy birthday to you, Nancy! (And to your little girl!) I think your plans for the day sound like perfect birthday plans (although maybe I'd stick with the pink cake with sprinkles and a snuggle with my royal feline!) :)

    Judy (South Africa)

  2. Happy birthday!!!

    You have the same b-day as your dd? That's so precious.

    Hope you pampered yourself good.

  3. Hi Judy, Hi Linda, Thank you so much~
    Yes, my darling daughter was born on my 24th birthday, which makes us the same astrology and same Chinese zodiac. Crazy, right?

  4. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!!! :)