Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31

Cannot believe it is the last day of March. If you are a regular reader, you are probably rolling your eyes by now. I think I say this at the end or beginning of every month. It is cold. I can't lie abut that. But the sun is out. They are calling for rain and snow mixed tomorrow. Still it is Spring, the lake has lost all of its ice. The French pussy willow is budded. There are crocuses in the neighborhood and the air is filled with birdsong. I am itching to plant my flowers. They say not to do that until April, but that's tomorrow- right? So perhaps this weekend I'll be able to get out in the yard and clean up after the winter and tuck some seeds in the earth. Soon we will have those precious few days when it is warm enough to open the windows and cool enough not to have to turn on the air conditioning. I am restless from being sick and thinking that cleaning carpets sounds like fun. Yes, I know, I must be feverish. :D
Do you have Spring fever? What is your favorite thing to do in early Spring?


  1. I like picking flowers and vasing them on display in my house. But yeah, we had rain and snow mixed yesterday so no flowers now.

    This year, I'm anxious for Eater Egg hunting. My daughter loves to carry around baskets and put things in them. I think she'll get a kick out of egg hunting.

  2. Been snowing here for a couple of days now.

  3. Easter was my children's' favorite holiday- even better than Christmas. They would get up early just to go Easter egg hunting and eat candy.
    Sorry about the snow my friends- it's coming here today. BUT~ my daffodils are poking up through the ground. Yay!