Thursday, August 11, 2011

Aug 11

The internet is playing havoc lately. First it was my blog list, next I could not log onto Facebook. This morning it took a while to be able to get into my e-mail. It's awful how much I rely on these things to communicate with family and friends, and to market my books, etc. I really count on the internet for my news both local and abroad. It's quicker and less skewed than the television news. So it hurts when things go wacky.
I'm told Google+ is the culprit as every other web service is trying to update quickly to compete. Blogger is changing, Facebook is updating, e-mail services are updating. Sigh.
I suppose all the constant change is good. It keeps the mind sharp. But then it may also steer some people away and back to old fashioned things like phone calls, snail mail and newspaper.
What do you think? Do you keep up with every new change or do you long for the "good-ole-days?"


  1. There are some days I really long for the good ole days. I know that the publishing world is changing and that media is so important but some days I want to sign off.

  2. Blogger had issues yesterday. I know what you mean - on days my internet is down even for an hour, I start to freak. EVERYTHING on my to-do list involves the internet! And to think, twenty years ago I didn't even own a computer. What on earth did I do with my time?

  3. I've seen and heard about lots and lots of people getting viruses and hacked lately and the virus scans are not catching them. I had a big virus that made me totally reload and update to Windows 7. Hopefully that's not what's happening to you.

  4. Hi Clarissa, sometimes I long for less internet as well.
    L. Diane, I think I was able to get more writing done before all the marketing. Plus there was more time to sit and dream up new ideas.
    Linda, I hope not! I have strong virus protect. But sheesh~ I don't want to have to completely reboot. My lap top isn't even a year old. sigh.