Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1

All right my friends- the Goodreads contest is on for the next ten days you can enter to win one of two hard cover copies of THE COUNTERFEIT BRIDE. These books are priced at $24 each so it's a good deal.

It's new month with new goals. There is a group of writers on Facebook that is set up to do a writing push this month. It's a good idea. Now is not the time to query. Now is the time to write, write, write.

If you're a reader, this is a great time to ask your librarian to order your favorite books. Budgets vary but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Now the big question- what are you reading? This week I'm reading "Murder on Lexington Avenue," By Victoria Thompson. Cheers~


  1. Hi Nancy, I'm currently reading the stunning prose that is Edward St Aubyn's Mother's Milk... along with a page a day (to spin it out!) of Monty Don's poignant prose in The Ivington Diaries - today's date tells about his 'dry garden'.

  2. I just finished "Semi-Sweet" by Roisin Meaney. It was a nice light read. I'll start a new book tomorrow. Yay!

  3. Hi Jane, thanks for commenting. Isn't it great to find an author whose prose makes you feel?
    Hi Anita, thanks for stopping by. "Semi-Sweet" sounds great. I'll add it to my TBR pile.