Monday, August 22, 2011

Aug 22

Happy, happy birthday to my Mom who turns 75 today! Hope your day is special~

Went to the movies this weekend and saw "Captain America." I loved it. It had some fun newsreel like scenes. The Computer generate image of the actor as a 90 pound weakling were awesome. Seriously looks like the same guy. I loved the character, Steve. He might be small and weak but he never gave up and he always stood up to bullies-even if they beat him up. One of my favorite actors is in this movie- Stanley Tucci. He plays the scientist who came up with the formula to create a "better soldier." It is all good fun.
Complaints: it ran a little two long at two hours and 5 min. and some of the military details made me squirm. To me it's a little disrespectful not to get these details right. It took me less than an hour to find them on-line. What details am I talking about? 1) you don't wear your hat inside. 2) Women have to have their hair up off their collar. Small I know but it pulled me from the story. I mentioned this on my facebook page and had two guys argue that women could have long hair in the 1940's and they showed me pics-some were Hollywood stills (if they can't bother to get it right now, why would they get it right then?) and some gave the appearance of on the collar but weren't. So I asked my sister a 20-year-retired Navy Chief if she knew what the regs (regulations) were in 1943 and she was able to send them showing that off the coat collar was standard. I also got some great links from my Romvets group. (A group of veterans and active duty who write mostly romance.) Here are some awesome links: US Reenactors-women at war and this great look into the basic training handbook from 1943. Check out page 5 of the handbook. Fun reading.
What complaints do you have in movies you love?


  1. I hated the movie and that may be unfair of me to say so publicly. Now I will admit that the CG stuff was great, turning a 90 lb weakling into Superhero - truly awesome effects. But (and I may be oversensitive here) using WWII as a backdrop the writers made Hitler out to be a nicer guy than the stories villain. I KNOW it is JUST a comic book - but please, Hitler could NEVER be the preferential option.

  2. Hi Marty, I never saw it like that. But I can see where they took the emphasis off Hitler and put it on the villain. Still Captain America came out of WWII along with most super heroes-so they had to be true to the comic. Cheers~