Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This morning I got up to find that the chipmunk has discovered my back deck and the mother load of grapes. He was checking out my potted tomatoes when I first saw him. Then he went on to enjoy the grapes. After battling him last year to prevent his burrowing under my front stoop, I don't know what to do about this new turn of events. I can't put down the "stay away" crystals on the deck because little dog uses it. She likes to smell the chipmunk but doesn't keep it away. It's times like this that I miss big dog. He would have a blast guarding the grapes. He was a good hunter and always made sure there were no rodents in my yard.
Any suggestions on how to save the grapes without harming the dog? I'm putting on my camo face. It's war chipmunk!


  1. Too funny! Now I have an image of Bill Murray from the Caddy Shack stuck in my head.

    Sorry I can't help.

  2. Oh no! LOL Have no clue what to do, though I heard of another blogger losing her tomatoes to a rodent.

  3. No ideas here either. Do scarecrows work on chipmunks??

  4. Isis- after I wrote the blog I thought of Caddyshack as well- lol.
    Jessica, raccoons will literally haul fruit away.
    Linda, my dad suggested mothballs hung from varying heights. I'm going to try that- and on today's walk I saw a neighbor with pinwheels. Sometimes the motion will scare them off as well.

  5. Use a wire mesh (1/4 inch zinc coated steel) to surround the plant. I use the same stuff to keep the birds out of my vents.