Thursday, August 25, 2011

Aug 25

The view from my window is hot and swampy. The trees are deep green in shadow and bright in the spots where the sun hits. The sky is that brilliant blue that makes you squint with a handful of small puffy clouds. The air is thick with the scent of muddy water and mosquitoes. The plants are overrun with Japanese beetles. The sine wave rhythm of the cicada buzz creates a lazy feel. Heat rises from the damp earth and radiates back toward the sun. The lake banks are over flowing, swallowing trees and creating swamps.
Still hints of autumn are all around. There are trees with yellow and orange leaves peaking out among the green, found along the edges. The Canada geese can be seen flying in a vee formation toward the south. Small birds are flocking up. They all know that the slow lazy heat will soon be gone and Fall will arrive with it's warm days, cool nights and the scents of warm straw and dead leaves in the air.


  1. Beautiful sight. Throughout July, my entire yard was dead brown except for the two green circles ringing our new trees we'd been watering every night. But then it rained at the beginning of August, so the grass is green again. But the corn field surrounding our yard is yellow, like ripe wheat ready to be cut.

  2. Oh, lovely image, Linda. Sad when the rains don't come, isn't it? I heard the weather was so bad for corn that all of our food are going to go up in price. :(
    Hopefully next year will be better~ Cheers!