Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nov 1

I'm going to admit how much of a geek I really am... I wanted to know what kind of trick-or-treaters we have. It always feels like a lot and we go through 10 to 13 bags of candy-of course, I give away more than one piece. So this year I conducted an experiment. I made up 80 gift bags of candy. 20 for tiny girls, 20 for tiny boys, 20 for older girls and 20 for older boys. At the end of the night I had a clear picture of how many kids came to my door. Curious? :) I'll share.
I had 14 bags left we had 66 kids stop by in three hours. The most were young boys-(19 in total), followed by older girls, (18). Then we had young girls (16) and finally older boys (13).
It was cold last night and our impression was that we didn't get as many tiny kids as usual. My daughter thought perhaps the cold mixed with the threat of flu this year kept many toddlers and preschoolers home. My favorite of the preschool costumes was a little guy dressed like a teddy bear. The older girls were dressed in 80's gear, fairies, etc. Oh, three were "cougars"- not the animal but middle-aged women who used giant purses for their treat bags. lol. The boys were action figures, skeletons and super heroes...the coolest being a giant pumpkin-headed grim reaper who scare two other boys his same age. Funny. I do enjoy trick-or-treats. Cheers!


  1. Sounds like fun! Halloween has never really been celebrated here, but in the past few years I've noticed an upsurge in interest. Shops are starting to stock halloween costumes, our suburb committee organisese a gathering point for those kids who want to go trick or treating. So - now that I know grown up ladies (dressed as cougars) can also go trick or treating, maybe next year I'll join in!!! :)

  2. So glad to hear there are still trick-or-treaters! We haven't had any for three years now.
    And interesting way to keep track of them, too.

  3. I love info like this! How fun! One year my kids made bar graphs of the different types of candy they got. Very interesting. :)

  4. Ann, you crack me up- cougars. Send pictures if you do it. :) Love to hear how other people celebrate.
    L. Diane, how sad no kids...the little ones are sooo cute.
    Hi Barrie, thanks for stopping by. Having the kids graph the types of candy is really a fun and clever way to build math skills.