Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nov. 24

It was nearly one a.m. last night/this morning, when I finally printed off a really nice sheet of bookmarks. (One side-still have to design and fit the back.) I enjoy the designing-even if it makes me want to rip my hair out sometimes because the nudge button is too big or the text box won't snap to a guide. In the end the bookmarks look nice. Oh- in my searching for my craft cutter, I discovered I had a box of Avery postcards. So, for now I'm printing my own bookmarks. If nothing else, I may be remembered for my kitchy promo. After all, it's all about the buzz, right? cheers!


  1. Thanks!lol I look at it as scrap booking for promo. ;)

  2. I wanna see a picture of the markers when done!

  3. I'll try to get a good pic and post it. :)