Monday, November 23, 2009

Nov. 23

I'm working on promotion. The first step is to design cheap bookmarks to hand out like business cards for my up coming release. I have years of experience in graphic design, but I have no graphic design software at home. So, the first step is to download free software. I did some research and have decided to download Gimp, Inscape and Scribus. Then it will be play time to create a nifty bookmark that doesn't look too cheap. A friend recommended Vista print-she takes the free postcards and cuts them in half for bookmarks. I'll keep you posted on this craft project. After bookmarks, I'll attempt my first book trailer. (Thanks Linda for the suggestion.) I guess if you have to do promotion you might as well have fun doing it. Cheers!


  1. Will follow your progress with interest. I self published, fairly hopeless but no regrets. It can be a lonely old life.

  2. I had postcard invitations made for my mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary (I swear it was from VistaPrint--but I may be wrong), and somehow when I ordered them, I signed up for a membership, so they started to charge my credit card $20 a month for membership fees. I do no recall agreeing to any kind of membership plan. So, beware of hidden fees if using an online print service.

    I also ordered postcards for my upcoming book from They didn't put me on any kind of membership plan, but I paid almost $90 for 500 cards. Ugg. That was more than I wanted to cough up but, hey, it's my first book...and they didn't try to sneak extra money out of me.

  3. Hi Ken, good luck wiht your book!

    Hi Linda, yes, I've heard that Vista Print does that. So, I'm cautious. I have a really nice four color printer and discovered I have a whole carton of blank avery postcards from a few years back. So, I am going to print my own for now. :) cheers!