Friday, November 20, 2009

Nov. 20

I am running behind today. Truthfully it's been a crazy month. So far I have six books out on submission. Two fulls sent out last week and two fulls sent out this week with a partial requested that I need to do. None of these submissions have gone out without careful revisions - one book was cut from 95,000 words to 60,600 words. I'm not complaining. I am so happy for the opportunities and I really am praying/hoping/lighting candle and crossing fingers and whatever else it takes to get the universe to say yes to the work.
But, all this has left me a little bit fuzzy brained and behind in my blogging, article writing and PR. Um...can I take a day off now? After I send out the last request, of course. No, no, that doesn't mean you can't call me with a contract or ask for more revisions... I'm here, I'm here. That's the point of all this- isn't it? :) What, I have not lost can't drag me from the computer....wait! don't shut off that power switch!
Happy Friday, everyone.


  1. Best of luck on all those submissions, Nancy. I have the feeling you'll be filling up some more bookshelves soon. The rate that you produce novels is amazing. So are you.