Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nov. 17

I did it! I got a 95,000 word book down to 60,600. I'm printing it off and sending it today. I found this task daunting at first. But then it got interesting. You must look at each paragraph, each sentence. Ask yourself what would make this tighter? Why do I like this enough to leave it? Will the reader understand if I leave some action implied? (Such as having a character walk, run or reach before they open a door vs. just having them open the door.) After losing so many words/so many scenes will the story make sense? I had to completely rewrite the ending. Should probably have rewritten the opening, but I liked it too much thus leaving the book 600 words over the max limit. :) I'll keep you posted on what the editor thinks. Cheers and happy revising!

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