Friday, November 6, 2009

Nov. 6

I mentioned on Facebook that I'm between projects and asked what people do with their down time. Someone said, writer's never have downtime because we're always writing in our heads. Which is so true. The trouble I'm having is that I have six completed books and two partials right now. Which means I have eight option books (a second for each book complete) rattling around in my head. Can't write the options until I sell the first book. I'm currently working in three genres and three areas of the romance genre. It's all too much.
The problem is that I am not patient. I want to write and sell and write some more- and when I don't sell I keep writing, revising. The market doesn't work that way- especially with a ten percent unemployment rate and book stores closing left and right. I need to stop and wait and be patient. Perseverance is good-but over kill is not. Like the people who audition for American Idol-and when they are turned down-burst into a different song- and then another song and another until someone gets the hook and throws them out. :) Patience is better than desperation. Don't you think? :)


  1. I think I'm having a similar problem. I have all these books completed and I'm trying to sell a handful of them. So, I keep going back to revise them, hoping to make them better/salable, and in the process it's hard to move onto something new. It's like I need those finished stories to move out and go to college before I can start raising the next batch of hatchings.

  2. LOL- Linda that is fabulous- "I need those finished stories to move out and go to college..."

    Thanks for that- and the comfort of knowing I'm not alone. Cheers~