Monday, November 16, 2009

Nov. 16

I'm sitting here, staring out the window, watching the lake ripple, listening to the one hundred or so, Canada geese that just flew in squawk. The trees are completely void of leaves. The wind blows the scraps of brown and red around. The sky is a dull blue gray and smells of the emptiness that comes after the wonderful scents of Fall are gone and before the smell of snow. The view is endlessly changing and minutely interesting and I understand why the big dog likes to sit on the deck and take it all in--sunshine or rain.


  1. They are horribly loud- and did you know their wings make a whirring sound when they fly? They swoop down so close you can hear it.

  2. Sounds lovely - we're supposed to be in summer but this morning the wind is howling and it's freezing!!!!! What's happened to our sunshine????

  3. What a beautiful view. Thanks for sharing.