Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jan. 2

Cold here today, 3 degrees F without windchill. But the thing I love about January is the clear bright sunshine. It streams into the windows and reflects off the snow. Yes, the Christmas twinkle lights are gone, but the days are longer and brighter in January. It's too cold for fog or haze or gray skies. Instead you get bright, bitter sunlight. As long as I'm inside, I can sit like my puppies in the patch of sun that streams into the windows and enjoy this little reprieve before the cloudy rainy days of spring. I hope you get a chance to bask in the sunlight today. Cheers~


  1. We've got that same blinding sunlight here, reflexing off the snow. It's cold too, but no where near 3 degrees. Brrrr.

  2. The outside of my ski coat froze and got all crackly. I knew it was cold! :)