Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jan. 27

I'm up early today. The view from my window is a study in pale blue/white with a touch of pink on the horizon. The sky has thin white clouds stretched over pastel blue. The lake reflects the blue tone in a bright, light-filled white with darker gray patches of ice around the edges. The trees bring the only real shadow as their bare branches look so dark chocolate brown they could be black against the pale blue and white sky. The bank around the lake is a blue/gray that leans towards white--an impression of snow. There is no sign of grass. The last snow covered anything that had thought to peak out. The wind whips through the trees, creating a low howl in my window pane. It is the crunchy sort of quiet you find in snow covered winter. When the air is so cold it freezes in your nose and you are the only living creature silly enough to be out in it. Cheers~


  1. What Linda said!

    Hey. they are threatening snow in Eastern NC this weekend! Fingers crossed.

  2. L. Diane, I hope you get your snow. :)