Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jan. 5

I will be posting late for the next week or so. What with school and everything going on, I will do my best to pop in but my posting times will be erratic. I am reading, though. I finished one book and am 3/4 the way through another so far this year. It's encouraging.
As writers we all have times when life seems to swamp our routines and our goals fall a bit behind. The first thing to do is accept that these things happen to everyone. Then do the best you can without beating yourself up over it.
How are your goals coming along? I'd love to hear successes and failures. Life is created out of the attempts. Cheers~


  1. So far, I'm a bit on the failure side! And only 5 days into the year!!!

    All the stress of resolutions and healthy living and cleaning/organizing has a way of sucking the creativity right out of me. Coupled with the fact that very little writing got done over the holidays so I'm out of my writing routine, you can see why I might be failing at my writing goals now.

    Tonight, I intended to write, but my laptop blew up. Not quite how I envisioned my evening going :) Hopefully, all this adversity will make for some fabulous writing when I finally do get it on the page.

    Best of luck with your writing goals. It sounds as if life is really busy for you right now, too!

  2. Failures - Haven't really written anything new lately.

    Sucesses - I've been revising stuff I'd been wanting to revise. Yay!

    Good luck with school.

  3. Oh Heather- I think we've all had those days. :) But once you get back into writing I'm certain you'll feel better. Even if it is only a page a day.
    Linda, yay for revising! I got a whole page written yesterday. Sad, but at the same time-success because it was a page.

    Cheers! thanks for stopping by.