Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jan. 23

I'm late posting today because I was out running errands and met a wonderful writer friend for lunch. Sometimes the best thing writers can do is go have coffee or lunch or dinner or drinks with other writers. 1) It gets you out of the house. 2) You get to spend time with someone who "gets" it.
Meeting with others, either critique groups or friends or chapter members, really helps to refill the well. You brainstorm, commiserate, celebrate and encourage. Isn't that the best part of life?
I wish I could have lunch or coffee with each of you--wouldn't that just be great fun?! I'll be at the Chicago North Spring Fling conference this April, if you can come let me know and we'll have a beverage in the bar area. cheers~


  1. I love the collar on the blouse you're wearing in your picture. See that's something I would say if we met for drinks. I agree with you that having lunch with fellow writers is one of the best uses of your time. It refills the well and keeps you in contact with positive people. Here's hoisting a toast with you.

  2. Hi Linda, thanks! You know, it was the collar that attracted me to the blouse when I first tried it on. :) So we have that in common. Cheers~