Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jan. 21

January is shaping up to be quite busy. Staying organized is the key to keep from being overwhelmed. I tend to be an obsessive organizer--although sometimes my office doesn't show it. I've made lists since I was a child and am disappointed if I forget things; such as, a request to pick up chocolate milk from the store or that I have pants at the dry cleaners. (Both things I forgot yesterday.) But they are small things in the grand scheme of life. My family knows that if they request something and I'm not able to write it down I may forget.
When over whelmed with opportunity or work or family issues, the very first thing to do is to forgive yourself if a ball drops. Simply smile, say oops and try to do better next time. Keep notebooks nearby to write things down. Celebrate every time a task is complete and crossed off. Most importantly pay attention to your own self care. Eat right, exercise, even if you only do ten minutes a day, and sleep at least 7 hours. It will help you be the best you can be. Cheers~


  1. Great post Nance!
    Sometimes I forget to list that exercise thing and slip a chunk of chocolate cake in its place. Chewing and swallowing are exercise aren't they?
    Hugs, Carolyn B.

  2. Hi Carolyn, she says with chocolate no bake cookie in her mouth. *chews, swallows* yeah, that's exercise. ;)