Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jan. 28

"The best laid plans of mice and men..." I love that quote. If I remember correctly it came to the poet after he was out plowing his field and ran over a mouse nest and ruined all their hard work. I think writer's are writers because we want to organize the chaos that is life. When you write a novel you have a sense of putting the world to rights, of finally having things go your way. Except when your characters decide otherwise. lol.
I looked at my desk calendar and saw my January goals and had to laugh. Well, I thought, that's not going to happen. But it's okay because that's life and chaos is much more interesting than order. Don't you think? Cheers! :)


  1. Heh. Isn't it odd how life interferes with our plans?

  2. Nancy, if my life wasn't chaotic, I wouldn't know how to function!

  3. I love that idea: we want to organize the chaos. Very well said. But I also think it's fun to create the chaos in stories too. oh, the power we wield with our mighty pens.