Friday, January 8, 2010

Jan. 8

Release Day!!! You can now buy DREAM MAN at the e-book store at wildrosepress. Or paperback there and at all online retailers. Mini blog tour starts on the 15th. Please check out the dates and places on my website.
Again- email me with proof of purchase and your snail mail in the month of January and I'll send you a signed bookplate, book mark and maybe even a DREAM MAN sleep mask. cheers!


  1. Hi Nancy.. It was a pleasure meeting you on the train last night,and the girls were pretty excited about it too.. They said you were the nicest person they had met or ran into all day..I read your excerpts and looked at the trailer on youtube and i am very intrigued.I will be ordering the book soon..Agin thank you for your kindness

  2. Hi Donna, so nice to meet you, too! Your girls are very nice. You deserve to be proud of them. :) Keep in touch!

    Thanks L. Diane!