Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13

So changing my craft blog from Sunday to Tuesday still means I have one day a week where I write two blogs. Sometimes I make my brain hurt. Why can't I think simply and move the Sunday craft blog back to Sunday when I don't write a daily blog? hmm? What is up with that? lol.
I have written a blog on the hero's journey today. I was surprised to discover that some of my readers had never heard of it and others had heard of it but didn't know how to use it in their work. I have to admit when I first listened to a workshop on the hero's journey my brain hurt. They used terms like inmost cave, outmost cave, threshold guardians...what? What has that to do with my romance novel. So I did what I usually do when confronted with nonsense. I ignored it. lol. But it turns out is is a cool tool to use when plotting a story- if you take the time to figure it out. Hopefully my craft blog will break it down and make it more assessable for my reader. It certainly got me thinking about my next wip. Cheers~


  1. I'd be confused too!
    Really missed your blog - and you've changed it around!

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  3. Nancy,

    I love your blog and I enjoyed this short post about a Hero's Journey...I'm going over to see you're other blogs and hope to read about this Hero's Journey more.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You're welcome to drop in anytime for a visit!


  4. OK, now I'm curious to read your weekly blog. Hope your brain feels better today!!

  5. Thanks everyone for stopping by.
    L. Diane, I changed things around a bit for summer. The red of the blog matches my new summer website design. I like to mix things up a bit.
    Yes, I'm the kind to move the furniture around. :)