Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5

The view from my window is green, green, green. We seem to live in the trees during the summer as we live on a slight hill and so all the windows are eye level with the tree tops. A pair of robins is building a late nest in the ash tree. It is a sturdy place and much safer than under my deck. The lake is dark green and muddy from recent rains. The waves hide the wild life underneath. The sky is white, covered in haze and clouds that are neither puffy nor wispy. The yard is filled with tiny toads that hop away when you mow. This week I saw a toad the size of my fist. Big sucker. I understand they eat mosquitoes and so I'm happy to have them. I do want them to stay away from the mower, though as one traumatic experience with a headless toad was enough for me this year.
There are festivals and concerts everywhere as people do their best to get out and enjoy the weather while they can.
How was your weekend? Cheers~


  1. Belated Happy 4th!

    Our weekend was mostly trying to avoid the heat as temps soared to 100. We did get a different and refreshing view when we took the dog for a walk along the Hudson River in Battery Park on the 4th. Sailboats dotted the water competing with ferries and even water skis. The wavelets on the river sparkled, the breeze was cooling and all in all, it was a lovely respite from the heat.

  2. Hi Mary, thanks!!
    Great description. I've been to Battery Park and I think you nailed it! Stay cool. Cheers~