Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27

I know I've been working at the computer when the little dog, Gracie Boo-boo, starts sighing and moving about the room, flopping down and sighing some more. lol. Don't I know I live to serve her, not to sit at a desk and work?
I have hit my first deadline for this semester of the MA- 35 pages to my mentor, 25 to my work group sent out today. Three more deadlines to go and I will be 3/4 of the way done with my degree. Crazy!
How is your week going? Anything new? Anything fun? I know my blogger friend Linda Kage wrote about a website that will tell you what famous writer, you write like. Pop over and check out the link. cheers~


  1. I put in my thriller opening and I got- "I write like Stephen King" lol- half the people I know got that. hmm, what about a blog post? *goes off to see*

  2. When I put in the first paragraph of my craft blog I got- "I write like Cory Doctrow." Interesting. Now I have to go figure out who that is...
    by the way my Tuesday craft blog is on procrastination. lol Check it out at www.nancyjparra.blogspot.com

  3. Did you ever find out who Cory Doctrow is? I haven't heard of him/her either.

    I think I should name my daughter Gracie Boo-boo too then. I set her up in her exer-saucer next to my computer and piled about a foot of toys in front of her to play with, then sat down and began to type. 5 seconds later, the kid jabbers something at me--I still can't understand a word she says, but she's a little chatterbox--and I look over ot find that she's pushed all her toys to the floor already.

    Kids and dogs, huh?

  4. LOL- kids and dogs. How sweet that she babbles. My dd babbled, too. It means she's smart.
    I had to write at nap time when mine were small.