Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7

We had a prolonged power outage yesterday due to the heat and humidity. The battery on my little lap top is iffy so I spent a good portion of the day with the blinds drawn from the sun and reading books. I would have rather been reading blogs and doing things on my computer- no not games, lol, remember my solitaire win percentage is 11%. Games and I don't get along.
It is hot again today. I should not complain as winter is just a couple months away. So I make ice tea and have my fan blowing. Hopefully I'll do some blog reading and catch up on writing work.
I hope you are somewhere cool. Don't forget to look around you and record the small details of July in your scene setting notebook for the next time you find yourself in the middle of January writing a scene set in July. Cheers~


  1. Making ice tea, having a fan blowing and reading a book on a hot summer day. Now that's paradise! The only missing is a palm thatch tiki hut on the beach.

  2. Yikes. My laptop's battery is totally shot, so there's no way I could get online if I went out of power. But it's always nice to find a reason to read!!

  3. G~ you are so right! Paradise indeed and yet all I could think about was all the stuff I needed to get done. lol
    Linda, I plug in the laptop all the time since I tried using the battery early on and had it run out on me and I lost everything I'd been working on. :0