Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 15

My new mentor at school has a list of crime/suspense movies. I asked him to send it to me and have been working my way down the list by renting the movies from the library. Last night I watched, THE BIRDS. It was not what I thought it was. It was a strange and unexplained little story where people died of being pecked to death. Is that possible? Perhaps if you lose enough blood. I think the idea of being covered by pecking birds is scary enough-as if you are being smothered.
I found the way the heroine dressed interesting. She was always perfectly groomed from her stiff shiny blonde hair to her coral tipped nails. Even though she wore the same outfit for three days, she looked perfectly pulled together. People don't dress like that any more- there is no finish or polish to our every day look. Of course, I'm thankful not to have to wear a girdle or corset all the time and being a writer spend a great deal of time in slumpy sweats and pajama pants. After all only the dog sees me.
Still I wonder if we all started dressing again, would we take better care of ourselves? Or did they smoke and drink so much back then because they felt restricted in their clothes?
What do you think? cheers~


  1. The Birds! That movie scared me to death - I never looked at birds the same way again!

  2. LOL- I was always scared of gulls. They are nasty flying rats. So, yeah, it is scary. Cheers~