Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 8

I am always amazed at how things pile up in my desk drawers and office table tops. I feel as if I'm constantly filing things away and yet, piles, piles everywhere. I can always tell when I'm under deadline because the piles grow chaotic. I often wonder how long you are supposed to hang on to some of this stuff- bills, receipts, account statements. Not only does the paper pile up but the e-mail piles up. I file away my e-mails in folders in my web browser. You never know when you may need to refer to one or more of them. Maybe all this saving and filing comes from being in the military where things are always done with redundancy and back up purposes for CYA (cover your a@@).
So, how do you handle all the information that comes your way? Are you a hoarder or a regular shredder? Do you save e-mails or delete, delete, delete? Do you regularly back up your computer files? Have extra storage on-line or on an external drive?
Why do we cling to all this information, anyway? And the most important question of all--is there a better way to handle all this?


  1. How funny you posted this...I am currently between books and have decided not to write again until after RWA. And my project for these next couple of weeks? Clean all of the closets, pantries, and drawers that I have stashed stuff in for the past few months whilst I was writing! It's horrible!

    I save everything, purging it once a year into bankers boxes. I don't know why I'm so anal...CYA, I guess, but I detest the filing!

  2. Hi Heather- lol, I'm the same. Cheers~