Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6

It is so muggy outside, as someone said, you can't fall down because the air is so thick it holds you up. I'm out painting my fence in the shaded area which means mosquitoes so thick they can carry you off. I should be writing and plotting but with six books done; one sold, one being shopped by an agent, another being read by agent, it is easy to rest my creative brain. What I fear is that it will become rusty. I've considered writing a few short stories but I've never been good at that. Even as a kid my stories would soon become chapters and full fledged novels. I wanted to keep going, to know more about the heroine's story, to find out what happens next.
I do have a couple of books to revise, but find myself unmotivated. Perhaps it is the sweltering heat. Perhaps the unfinished fence with 12 sections done and 14 more to go, or grief for my dog or exhaustion still from the intense residency. All excuses. *grin* Writers are good with making up stuff and excuses are first sometimes.
How about you? Are you finding motivation? Or have you, like me slowed down in the mid summer heat.


  1. Sorry to hear about your dog. Grief is sure to affect your motivation. I've got a deadline for mid-August and so I'm having to write... although I'm guessing your hot is considerably hotter than our hot.

  2. Hi Rosalind,

    Good luck on your deadline! It's simply so humid here that it's as if you are breathing in soup. Stay cool!

  3. I like to play in the summer so it's difficult sometimes to choose between my writing and playing but I am more inspired in the summer. I'm out and mingle with society so the ideas run rampant. Once winter gets here I barely go out, I get depressed and have a hard time finding inspiration or motivation.

    I need to move someplace where it's warm all the time. ;)

    Hang in there. Have you thought about renting a sprayer for that fence? It doesn't cost that much and it saves soooo much time. And it's more fun.

    Ahhh, we have such luxury problems don't we?