Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sept. 15

Having lunch today with fellow writer and debut author Joelle Charbonneau. Her fun and quirky mystery, Skating Around the Law, releases on Sept. 28th. Joelle is a singer and voice teacher and was surprised to discover she had a quirky mystery story in her. If you like small towns and roller skating rinks, you'll enjoy this mystery. (It has a hat-wearing camel in it.)
I'm looking forward to getting out of my cut off sweat pants and taking the drive down to lunch. I hope your day is just as fabulous.


  1. I used to live in a small-ish town with a roller skating rink - does that count?

  2. Lunch was fabulous:) We need to do that a lot more often!

  3. Roller skating rinks and hat-wearing camels? Sounds like lots of fun!!

  4. L.Diane and Linda, it is a fun book. I lived in a small town with a roller rink, too. :) Fun memories.
    Lunch was great minus the jerk who smashed his car into the parked Lexus and acted like nothing happened. *shakes head* What was up with that?