Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sept. 30

GAH! I typed September 30- my goodness the months fly around here. A dear friend on Facebook wrote about buying all her Christmas presents. What?! I think she was visiting family soon and didn't want to ship them- okay- whew. Thinking of Christmas presents now is only good if you are hand crafting them-then yes, you need to get started. lol. Otherwise, let's leave the season for the season.
While she is thinking Christmas I am reading "The Perfect Murder" by David Lehman. It's an academic study of the "Best Mysteries Ever Written." Next semester I have to write a paper on where my thesis story fits in the genre. I'm a bit nervous about that paper as I'm so thick when it comes to figuring out things like theme and genre. But I'm learning. People can learn, right? lol. Cheers~

Oh- tomorrow's blog will be late as I have an appointment in the morning. N

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  1. Christmas shopping?! I don't even know what that words means until at least December 15th.