Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sept. 9

Oh, boy, I'm procrastinating-again. Well, at least it feels like it. I have two writing projects done and in, I have my on-going Master's thesis and I have friends bugging me to work on two, no make that three other projects I'm playing with. "Have you done it yet? Are you going to do it? How far are you?" they ask. Hmmm. I am "thinking" about it. lol Not even sure I want to do any of the projects. So am I procrastinating or have I decided to drop the projects? Just when I think I've decided to drop one a well meaning friend will tell me-"Are you sure you want to drop it? It's such a good idea..." And I'm back to wavering. Meanwhile, nothing else gets done. Maybe it's not procrastinating as much as simply a lack of commitment. "I can't commit to anything else at this time." LOL That will free me up from worrying about procrastination...wait-or is that procrastinating? I'm so lost. Does this happen to you? Any ideas how to move on? Cheers~


  1. Don't you hate indecision?
    I've learned to say no to some things. It's kinda liberating!

  2. Happens to me all the time. I've lost count of how many WIPs I'm working on. Have no idea how to move on.

  3. I agree that saying no-and sticking to it-can be freeing. Linda, I have no answer for the "no idea how to move on." I used to write them in the order they came to me-but not all ideas work in the current market. It's when I starting looking at fitting into the market that things got stuck. It's chaos out there and I like to plan-thus...stuck. Let me know if you figure it out. I think I'm going to flip a coin. Cheers~