Friday, September 3, 2010

Sept. 3

Here in the States this is the Friday of a holiday weekend-three days to celebrate those who labor, or three days to celebrate the end of summer. I think retailers see it as three days to get you to shop, shop, shop. You have to love consumerism-not-unless you want to buy my books. (Tongue in cheek-no really, they would be good to read over a three day weekend.)
I saw Halloween candy in the stores already. Oh, and they are stocking extra isles of toys for Christmas. It isn't even officially Fall until the 23rd-that's 20 days from now. Hmmm.
I'm off to go get dd from school and bring her and her laundry home for the long weekend.
Have a great day, everyone, and a super holiday! Cheers~


  1. I think Hallmark places their Christmas ornaments out in July - too soon!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh No! Not preparing for Christmas already? It takes all the fun out of it, because by the time Christmas comes I'm already tired of all the fuss.

    Am I dreaming or have you changed something about your blog Nancy? The background? Looks rich and warm.


  3. Hope you're having a great weekend... and there are Christmas things in the shops in the UK too. Crazy isn't it.

  4. Hi All,
    Thanks for stopping by. I agree with you that starting Christmas six months early takes all the joy out of the season. I think it should start after Thanksgiving. (Our store holiday here in the states meant to kick off the Christmas season. Oh, and give thanks for our abundance.) It's four weeks before. Plenty of time to shop and decorate. Don't you think?
    Yes, Judy, I freshened up my website with warm red and matched my blog to it. Fun, :)