Friday, September 17, 2010

Sept. 17

I got my quarterly statement from my publisher yesterday. I am fascinated by the writers who say they make money hand over fist on their e-books. My last two books were offered in both electronic format and in print on demand. With the explosion in electronic book readers, the authors cry- this is where the market is. Why? Books are an impulse buy and electronic books are cheaper and instantaneous.
Now for the interesting part...I only sold one book in e-format last quarter. The majority of my books were bought in paperback. This has been true since I published in e-format. So, my data does not support claims of magic money in electronic books.
Why am I telling you this? I believe this is important information for new authors when making decisions on publishers. And yes, things are changing in the market every day, but this is the information I have right now. I thought I'd share.



  1. Thanks for your honesty. I am NOT making fists full of money either on my e-books OR my print books. Sigh. I really wanted to grow up to be Nora Roberts.

  2. Hi Caroline,

    I think we all want to grow up to be Nora. ;) Well, as big in the publishing world as Nora is anyway. Lucky for us, life has it's own ideas of how things should work. Cheers~ and thanks for sharing!

  3. Nancy, this is an interesting fact. Good to know the facts behind the hype.