Friday, December 10, 2010

Dec. 10

The view from my window is cold. How can a view be cold? The sky is ice blue. There are long shadows falling from bare trees. The branches hold white snow, bits of ice and sway dropping snow and ice onto the ground. The lake is frozen over. The ice covered with snow that is more blue than white as shadows draw long lines across its stillness. The absence of life is striking. No birds, no bird song, no insects, no movement, there is only the echoes of animals. Echoes seen in coyote tracks, and deer trails in the snow. There is no sparkle as the top of the thick blanket is frozen only small flat flakes swirl and blow across the top like sand across a desert. There is a sense that nature has her back turned to the wind, huddled in corners, waiting for the season to change.


  1. I worry about our tiny birds here in the UK and am putting out lots of seed and fat balls for them but you say that there are no birds to be seen, and no birdsong. It must be eerily quiet. How do all the small birds and animals survive in such depths of cold?
    p.s. There's a blog award waiting for you on my blog :-)

  2. Hi Rosalind, that is the thing about the really bitter cold. It is so quiet. All you hear is your own breathing and the crunch of your footsteps on the snow. There are hardy winter birds but when the wind gets this wicked they quietly huddle in places where they are less exposed.
    My mother used to say it would get so cold in winter you could hear the trees crack apart. That's cold!
    Thanks for the blog award~ :D Cheers!