Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dec. 2

Cold and clear today. The geese have all left for warmer areas. The giant flocks of birds have swarmed off with the most recent cold front. The weather guys are talking temps in the single digits. If I were a bird, I'd leave, too. Winter has come, although the solar winter doesn't start for another 19 days.
I have a new craft project. I have decided to attempt to knit little dog some leggings. Yes, you can laugh. But when she goes out in the snow she gets stubborn snowballs that cling to her legs. If I can knit her leggings and put them on her before she goes out, then when she comes in the snow balls will get pulled off with the leggings. Wish me luck~ :D


  1. Cute. Wonder what your dog will think of the leggings though!

  2. You'll have better success with dog leggings than with cat leggings, that's for sure!

  3. I think the leggings will be adorable on little dog. My sister-in-law bought Lydia a little tiger-print onsie that came with matching hat and leggings. She looked SOOOO cute in them. But then her daddy saw her wearing the outfit, he said she looked like a 1980s stripper. I think he's been watching too much Flashdance.

  4. Hi All,
    I hope she'll get used to the leggings. Gotta make them first.
    I agree, dogs will take to leggings faster than cats. lol
    Linda- your comment made me laugh. I bet Lydia looked cute!