Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dec. 29

I plan on seeing a movie today. They always have such great films out this time of year. I think in part to qualify for the Oscars, etc. and in part because many people are home looking for something to do and go to movies. The thing about going to a movie theater is that you are unlikely to be interrupted. You get to get out of the house, and you have the wonderful smell of popcorn and snacks. The downside is it costs a fortune to go. Seriously 8 to 10 dollars for a matinee, I never go full price. We won't even talk about the ridiculous price of popcorn. The really weird part is that if you only wait a few months you can rent the movie for as little as a dollar or even free if you check it out from the library. Still, watching it at home on your TV is not nearly as much fun as going out into the theater.
Do you like movies? If so do you prefer to watch at home or go out? Writers, do you think movies help with your writing?

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