Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dec. 9

I have a question for writers, when you start in on a book do you plan a self deadline? Am I nuts or well...maybe highly controlling, lol, but I plan a deadline date. Then I work a word count schedule to meet that date. I include things like days off, time taken for visitors, picking up and dropping off kids to school, etc. But I keep a schedule and if I don't meet the goal on one day then I do the extra the next couple of days to get back on track.
Funny, how I am not a plotter- I don't have an outline or any well thought out plot preset when I begin, but I have deadlines. I do like structure when it comes to the day by day, but if I pre-plot there is no surprise in the book and it becomes a bore to write and a bore to read. Trust me, I've tried.
So, question, do you set deadlines or do you wonder around in the number of pages or words you write and not worry about when the book gets done?


  1. I always set a deadline. I need to work towards something, or I waste waaaay too much time!

  2. I'm terrible at setting/sticking to writing deadlines even though I know that Talli's right. It means I waste a lot of time.

    Long ago I said, at a writing course, that if I plot a story it's lost its magic for me and was told to grow up and join the real world of writers. It's a job. How said was that lady - except I didn't have the courage or experience to tell her so at the time.

  3. Hi Talli, Hi Rosalind,

    I agree. It is sad when writing loses it's magic. Because most of the time that is all you get from it. For me the magic is enough. Cheers~

  4. Hi Nancy. Just found your blog today and I am a new reader. So nice to meet you.

    I like weekly goals and I set my writing schedule to work around my job.