Friday, December 17, 2010

Dec. 17

It is the last weekend before the Christmas holiday. I think I'm done there.
Someone on Facebook said they got a vicious virus from Systems 2011- and she said she got it even though she had Norton-sigh-Norton is my new antivirus on my new laptop. So I am ensuring I have good back up and restore disks. I'm afraid to try new virus protection after last year's fiasco- what do the people who write the codes for these viruses gain? I secretly suspect they work for anti-virus protection companies. It keeps us shelling out $ and them in business. Sigh- but then I do like a good conspiracy theory story. :D
Hope your weekend is bright. Cheers~


  1. Hope you're having a good weekend! Eeek - I must back up my files. Now is NOT the time to get a computer virus!

  2. Gasp. I've always suspected that too. LOL. Conspiracy theorists rock.

  3. I hope you did back up your files, Talli. don't want to lose anything!
    Hi Linda, I agree, conspiracy theorists rock~ ;D