Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10

Maintenance guy has come and gone and little dog and I are settled back into our usual work routine. I love routine because my brain is always half in a story and I get lost stumbling around in the real world without some sort of structure. Don't get me wrong it can be fun to take a day or two and float around, but I prefer structure.
As for little dog- she is tummy sick today. Perhaps from the grout fumes, more likely from all the cookies she ate yesterday as I tried to keep her quiet. Yes, I spoil everyone rotten.
So, how is your writing going? What are you reading?


  1. Spoil ME with COOKIES!


  2. I just finished a few stories that have been so close but I'd put off for a while. YAY! Just started reading LOOSE ENDS by Tara Janzen. Wish I could've stayed in bed and read all day.

  3. Yes! for writing again! YAY! for working on stories put off-
    And Marty- my oven is broken, so no cookies until I get it fixed. The part is ordered and on it's way. Cheers~