Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15

Oh, the Ides of March, plus a crazy full moon. It is going to be an interesting week. I could not get my head in the game yesterday with the time change. I'm not even sure my blog made sense. I hope you all are not experiencing this same trouble.
Lately, I've been having a time with all things electrical. Do you have a days when every light bulb you turn on pops? That happened the day the oven went out. It simply wouldn't heat. Now, I do have a background in repair work-fixed the DVR when I found a shorted wire. So, instead of calling a repair man who charges $100 just to come look at the oven I did a little research. (Yay for google how-to.) I ordered a new igniter switch for the oven. It came in yesterday. When we opened up the baking shield we discovered the unthinkable. Someone had replaced the igniter switch before, but instead of opening the back of the oven and plugging the wires into the sockets, they had spliced the wires to the old plugs. These spliced wires burned up. Everything was charred and one side was separated. Thus the igniter not working. Crazy. The oven could have started on fire at any time. *shakes head* We were lucky. We replaced the switch with the new one and plugged it in properly. The oven works. But it makes me wonder what else in the house is rigged. Time will tell.
Do you have horror stories like this?


  1. One of our burners went out and we decided NOT to hotwire anything - or pay an electrician. We just don't use that burner!
    Thanks for the warning about a full moon!

  2. Wow, you're a regular Mrs. Fix It. I usually just complain to my hubby. Not very independent of me. Thank goodness the oven didn't catch fire.

  3. L. Diane, we've done that, too~ but I bake almost every day so we had to have the oven.
    Linda, it's amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it. But then, my daughter says she refuses to do manual labor- she'd rather pay someone to do it. *shakes head*